Recently a lot of weird Bugs popped up with peoples Modpacks, like ForgeMultiPart crashing on startup, or FML Log Files flat out not existing. If you have one of these Issues, please tell me everything you know about it, because I want this bullshit to be fixed, and I cant replicate it to find a solution myself! Someones sloppy log4j fix is probably fucking up 1.7.10 and I need to find out why!

GregTech, created by GregoriusT, is a Mod that completely overhauls Minecraft, adding numerous Machines and Materials, as well as adjusting Recipes for existing Items in order to make them fit with its System, and to make everything work well together, compatible and mostly exploit-free whenever possible. GregTech is meant to extend the Game by making things more compatible, more reasonable and adding a lot of complex Machines, as well as generally useful Utility to make everything work together nicely.

Latest Development Progress:
Latest Development Progress: The new Aneutronic Fusion Power Cell. An easy way to make use of Fusion Materials like Helium-3. But it requires Vibranium to be crafted so you have to have a large Fusion Reactor first, you cant just rush some Endstone in your Centrifuge. There is also Hydrogen Power Cells now, which burn Hydrogen for Electricity directly in a similar way.
Youtubers, who are up to date with GT6

Bear’s Den, but note that they aren’t 100% child friendly (casual swearing etc), they also have some Modpacks. ;)

Contact Information

All the ways I can be contacted are listed in the Contact Information. If you just want to join my IRC Channel for Suggestions, Bugs and Support, it is #gt-dev on I tend to respond very quickly, when I’m actually awake and on the Internet. Greg should always be at least on the Channel, even if not responding due to sleep or so, unless espernet has technical Issues or net splits, in which case you might need to wait a bit.


Well I decided to make a Forum Thread with a sortof Blog thing that you can check out here.

Game Plans

If you want to find out some of my Plans for the Voxel Game I’m gonna be making after I’m fully done with GregTech-6 (yeah GT6 somehow sucked me back in), then check out this Link.

About Me

If you have interest in knowing what kind of person I am, then go here.

Now with automatic Dark Mode Support!

Apparently there is a slightly new Web Standard now for making Browsers able to request Dark Mode Versions of Websites. But latest Firefox can already handle it with some about:config changes:
ui.systemUsesDarkTheme = 1 (may require you to actually make a new integer field) = true
privacy.resistFingerprinting = false (Unsure if it’s a Firefox Bug or a Feature, but resisting Fingerprinting causes Dark Mode to fail, since requesting Dark Mode does help Sites with Fingerprinting)
While we are at it, here is some good security Advice for Browsers. ;)

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