Plans for the Voxel Game that I will be making after GregTech-6

As some of you might know, I am planning on making my own Blocky Game after I’m done with GregTech-6, starting January 2020.
These Pages are dedicated to the Ideas I have for this Game. ^^
Though I would also recommend the Tag Gameplans on the Forums where I talk about stuff in a different kind of Detail. ;)
Please be aware that most of these things are just Ideas, and while I definitely plan on doing most of the things here similar to how I write them down, there already are some conflicting Ideas on this, specifically when it comes to the Resource System. So take everything with a little grain of Salt but not a lot of it. XD


I have split this Page into Ideas and a more ordered List, so I know better what to do and dont skip anything important by accident.
* List (An ordered TODO for the Game)
* Ideas (This is mostly the original Page)
* There still is some of the less Game Specific Stuff below.


It will be Open Source and Free for everyone. I am not gonna sell it in some Stores. There might going to be an option to "buy" it on Steam for 5 bucks despite being available for Free, but I’m not sure about that.
If you want to support the Game or its Modders, then Donations are going to be the only way to go. No Ads, Link Services or other Bullshit, at least for stuff seen on my Forums.
The first thing I will work on, while it may sound un-exciting is a proper Launcher with Mod Loading and everything, before I even start doing anything related to the Game.
And the second thing is a good Model Editor that everyone can use to easily design ingame Stuff such as "Skins" or newly added Objects. Helps not only Modders but it also myself, if you can just instant edit something together without compile times and shit!


It should work on all the common non-Apple Operating Systems. Though my personal Dev Kit would be ran on a Kubuntu driven Computer.
The Engine would be either Amethyst, Bevy, Godot-3 or Terasology, not sure which of them is gonna be used. Unless I decide to make my own Engine with some help. For sure gonna use an ECS System.
Probably I will do the Game in Rust, which is pretty much the most efficient Programming Language I know. In this case the plans would be to use Amethyst as Game Engine.
In case I somehow still decide to use Java/Kotlin, it is going to be developed in OpenJDK to ensure maximum Java compatibility.
Programs written in OpenJDK always work in Oracle Java, but Oracle Java Programs don’t always work for OpenJDK.
Also if I did it in Oracle Java, then I would have to fear shameless cashgrabs from Oracle. 5000$ per Computer per Dev License is for sure not something I would ever wanna pay, and neither would Modders wanna pay that either.
Note that I will only do OS Compat for Windows, Linux and maybe BSD if it is simple enough to do.
Apple Software will not be supported, due to the various ways Apple is hostile to its Users and Developers. In this worst case you have install Windows 10 on your Mac. Or Linux if Apple even allows you to do that, because nowadays they only allow Windows 10 as a secondary OS.


The whole thing should easily run on low spec Computers, see below.
No Graphics Card needed if the Integrated one is somewhat okayish.
The Processor should be like 1GHz, preferrably Dualcore at least.
1GB of RAM should be enough for Singleplayer/Clientside, Servers/LAN might need more depending on how far spread the Players are.
I really want the whole thing to be efficient, when ran on Servers or on low Settings.
Maybe it is even going to be possible to make it utilise the Processing Power of a Workstation with 64 Cores, especially for Servers.
If I have to decide to either give up the RAM requirement or the CPU requirement, I will definitely go for dropping the RAM one and making that 2GB or whatever is needed, but I hope I don’t have to.
I play around with Computer Stuff quite a bit, so I got a small collection of various piececs of Hardware I can test on.
Here is a List of Hardware that I use myself for occassional testing:
zotac ZBOX CI327 nano plus (Kubuntu + Win 10, though the next Windows Update will corrupt that Win 10 install due to lack of required Storage Space, thanks Microsoft for fucking up so much, that you dont even check how much Drive Space is needed before updating!)
ASUS R513CL (Kubuntu + Win 8, please dont run old Windows Versions, they are all unsafe)
Samsung NC10 (Win XP 32 Bit), caveat being getting that piece of trash running properly. The Screen is constantly "whiteing out", and yes I "fixed" it multiple times.
ThinkPad T61 (Kubuntu)
GPD WIN 2 (Kubuntu)
PinePhone though I am not sure how well I will implement touch Controls in general, but this is enough to test them!
Raspberry Pi 3B+, which should be the lowest RPi version for the Game to properly run on. I will ofcourse try it on the Pi 0W and a Pi 1B too. It is very unlikely that I will get this to run on a Pi Pico, so forget about that. XD
Raspberry Pi 4B with Power over Ethernet HAT.
I saw a Pi Cluster HAT (sold out) and an unofficial but objectively better PoE HAT, I wonder how well everything would run on another Pi 3B+ with that PoE HAT and 4 Pi Zeros stacked ontop of it. XD
There is also the Turing Pi 2 that I am looking for, in order to have my own Quad Compute Module 4 Cluster.

Website Stuff

Unlike other Games, I will have one centralised Website for Forums, Chat, Bugtracking, Support, Mods, Wikis, Server Lists, Git Repositories for Mods and similar Stuff. You wont need to register multiple Accounts just to report a frikkin Bug or request Support.
I want everything to be First-Party in regards of Website, it should not be necessary to require use of any other Services to do anything (not even a cdn!). And everything should be well interlinked and connected on the Site, so you can easily go to the Wiki or Support Page of a Mod by clicking an Icon next to its name or similar.
A GitHub alike Page will be something that exists, though it definitely wont be the primary thing to go to when reporting anything (though you easily can, ofcourse, I don’t care where the Reports are as long as I get them).
I will likely mirror the Project to multiple GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab etc Sites for easier Community Support.
Mods will also be hosted on the Site (including their Code), and Modders will receive their own Subforums, should their Mods be large enough to justify having more than just a single Thread, or if they have multiple Mods.
Within said Subforums the Modders will get Moderator Power, so they can Manage their Area mostly like they want (or appoint others as Moderators there too), as long as they behave somewhat nicely.
And I will make sure that at least some Standards are kept over there, so that people can actually navigate those Areas easily.
Modders (or basically anyone who wants to, just like a normal Wiki) can also put their own Wiki Stuff on the central Site for documenting Features of their Mods. I do not want third party Bullshit to happen like Twitch, Curse or FTB.
Though I will very much prefer ingame Documentation with Item Descriptions and everything.